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Prices on the website are in effect at the time of order placement and, excluding errors or omissions, will not change during order processing. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Sales Tax

Texas residents are subject to sales tax of 8.25%. If you are in Texas and tax exempt, please add a note with your order. We will require a "Tax Resale or Tax Exemption Certificate" on file to ship an order without sales tax.

Web Content Correctness

The information provided on is correct to the best of our knowledge. Part numbers, descriptions, pictures and diagrams are the property of the manufacturers and cannot guarantee their correctness. It is the user's responsibility to determine a part's correctness for a particular application.

Unless otherwise specified, parts indicated for the RIGHT or LEFT side of a machine are to be interpreted as if you are sitting in the driver's seat facing the front of the machine or standing behind the machine handle facing the front of the machine.

Unless specified to be in a set, parts shown are sold in single unit quantities for the amount shown.


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